Sporty "Luxury" double pad

The “Luxury” is a double fender. The inner bag consists of PVC coated and woven canvas with an extra layer of very thick artificial leather. This has created a very thick wall of high quality. The pads are filled with custom-cut foam. This foam absorbs bumps and kicks to a minimum. All seams are stitched several times to prevent tearing.

For which martial artist is the "Luxury" pad suitable?
The "Luxury" pad is suitable for young and old, amateur and professional. Can be used both in the gym and at home. The Sportief pads are suitable for: kickboxing, free fighting, jiu-jitsu, karate, traditional boxing, Thai boxing.

Advantages of the "Luxury" fender
- strong and suitable for everyone;
- for home use and in the gym;
- extra firmly stitched to prevent tearing;
- inner bag consists of PVC coated woven canvas with an outer bag made of very thick artificial leather.

Use punching bag gloves or bandages when training on the punch pads.

The Sportief items have a 1-year warranty on production errors.


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