RHINOC Sport Anti-Odor Sports Gear Fresh

RHINOC Sport Anti-Odor Sports Gear Fresh is a probiotic sports spray that has been specially developed for the 100% safe and effective removal of sweat odors in (sports) shoes, (ski) boots, ski and boxing gloves, helmets, protectors, etc. The spray is based on environmentally friendly probiotics, which prevent odors and reduce the risk of mold. The spray is biodegradable and therefore safe for people and the environment.

Do you suffer from unpleasant sweat odors in your sports equipment? RHINOC Sport Anti-Odor Sports Gear Fresh offers the perfect solution. This probiotic spray has been specially developed to effectively and safely remove unpleasant odors in your (sports) shoes, boots, gloves, helmets and protectors.

Thanks to the environmentally friendly probiotics, unpleasant odors are kept at bay and the risk of mold is reduced. In addition, the spray is biodegradable, so it is not harmful to the environment. So you can use RHINOC Sport Anti-Odour Sports Gear Fresh with peace of mind, knowing that you are not only taking care of yourself, but also of nature.

Whether you are an avid athlete or occasionally undertake a sporting activity, RHINOC Sport Anti-Odor Sports Gear Fresh is the ideal companion to keep your sports equipment fresh and odor-free. Try it today and enjoy clean and pleasant-smelling sports equipment every time.


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