Prevent 'cauliflower ears' with Nihon ear protection

Proper protection of your ears is not only important in judo. A good earmuff is also indispensable for BJJ, grappling, MMA and other contact sports such as rugby. This allows you to exercise safely and comfortably. And you prevent an injury that is especially common among judokas: 'cauliflower ears'. This adjustable ear protection from Nihon has an optimal fit and offers maximum protection. This way you can (continue to) train optimally.

Cauliflower ear
Cauliflower ear is a deformity of the auricle that is caused by no or inadequate treatment of a bruise in the auricle.
This injury is common in judo, but also occurs in other contact sports such as wrestling, karate, boxing and rugby.

Non-athletes can also suffer a bruise in the auricle, for example people who fall more often (muscle disorders or alcohol abuse) or people who have abnormalities in the vessel walls.

How does such a bruise occur?
It can occur in the following ways: 1. if an ear becomes stuck and twisted. 2. by a blow on the ear. 3. spontaneous.
The bruising is usually located at the front between the cartilaginous membrane and the cartilage.
If the bruising is not relieved, part of the cartilage dies because the cartilage membrane that nourishes the cartilage is separated from the cartilage.
The cartilaginous membrane then makes new cartilage and the bruising connective tissue. This leads to further thickening and deformity.

This is how the cauliflower ear is created.


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