This judogi competition is approved by the International Judo Federation. This judogi is ideal for the judoka who is looking for a flexible and high-quality judogi, approved for international competitions.

- Rice grain.
- IJF approved.
- Embroidered gold Mizuno logo on the left sleeve.
- IJF approved label embroidered on the bottom of the jacket (red outline).
- Reinforcement seam on the back.
- Chest seam.
- Triangular reinforcement at the bottom of the jacket.

Pair of trousers:
- Drawstring.
- Reinforcements from the bottom of the pants to the knees.
- Embroidered gold logo.
- Embroidered IJF approved label at the top of the left thigh.

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WEIGHT (G): 750gr.

SIZES: 1 - 6.5 (150-205 cm and increasing every 5 cm).

MATERIAL: The jacket is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the pants are made of 100% cotton.

Of course also available in white: Mizuno IJF white


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