The Matsuru jiu-jitsu suit Melvin, this will take you to the top.

The new Matsuru Ju Jitsu suit designed by world champion Melvin (Schol).
This suit is made of 100% cotton and is woven in pearl weave.
Ju Jitsu Melvin is made of 550 gram cotton.
The sleeves on the suit have been made shorter, so that the wrists can be easily grasped for grabbing, so that you as a Ju Jitsu practitioner can perform the techniques more easily or have them performed.
Available in half sizes. Size: 150 to 200. Slim fit model.
Item number: 0043

What size do I need ?
At the top description you will see the "Choose the right size" tool.
This allows you to determine the correct size.
You enter the exact height of the person and then you will see which size is the correct one.
You can then select that size from the drop-down menu.


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