Matsuru instructieplaat Kime no Kata


The Kime no Kata,
"Forms of decision" consists of twenty techniques.
A number of techniques are performed sitting (idori) and some standing (tachi ai).

Kime no Kata, also called "game of decisions", is one of the self-defense katas in judo.
The kata includes defensive techniques for punches, blows, kicks and armed attacks.
In the beginning the kata was called "Shinken Shobu no Kata", loosely translated as the Kata of the struggle to the death.
Kime no Kata teaches the fundamental aspects of attack and defense in a real combat situation.

The Matsuru poster Kodokan Kime no Kata is ideal for judokas who want to improve their skills.
But it is also an excellent didactic tool for teachers that they can use and hang up in the dojo.


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