Matsuru instructieplaat Katame no Kata


The Katame no Kata...
is called, together with nage-no-kata, randori-no-kata.

Katame-no-Kata (forms of control) consists of three series of 5 control techniques, the basis of judo ground fighting.
The actions must be carried out with the necessary control and be as close as possible to the RANDORI.
During the holds, UKE tries to free himself with actions at the three different control points of the hold.
UKE also tries to defend himself during the strangulations and clamps.
UKE gives up by knocking on himself, on TORI or on the mat several times.

The Matsuru poster Kodokan Katame no Kata is ideal for judokas who want to improve their skills.
But it is also an excellent didactic tool for teachers that they can use and hang up in the dojo.


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