The Ju no Kata...

In 1887, master JIGORO KANO published Ju no Kata.
The principle of attack and defense occurs here as a form of physical education.
This kata was created mainly to compensate for the deformities of the randori.
In Randori the chest muscles work in a shortened path, in Ju no Kata we find exercises that lengthen these muscle groups. The basic idea of ​​JUDO, gentle way, is clearly presented here: there are no throws and uke always gives up on time.
In this kata there are no handles on the clothing, so you can easily practice the kata anywhere and with any equipment.

The Matsuru poster Ju no Kata is ideal for judokas who want to improve their skills.
But it is also an excellent didactic tool for teachers that they can use and hang up in the dojo.


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