Matsuru instructieplaat Itsutsu no Kata


The Itsutsu-no-kata...
is a kata of the five principles of the forces of nature.
The theme is the five principles of the forces of nature and is a kata with a deep philosophical background.
Five techniques each represent a fundamental principle (element).

The kata is considered unfinished, founder Jigoro Kano died in 1938 and was still working on the further development of this kata at that time.

The techniques only have a number, Jigoro Kano died before he could give these techniques a name.
The first two techniques come from a Kata of Kito Ryu.
The following five principles can be distinguished:
• Oshikaeshi: Concentration of force/energy
• Own: No resistance (Ju)
• Tomowakare: Centrifugal force and centripetal force
• Roin: Law of the pendulum
• Settsuka no wakare: Law of slowness/inertia

A special kata with a special appeal...

The Matsuru poster Kodokan Itsutsu no Kata is ideal for judokas who want to improve their skills.
But it is also an excellent didactic tool for teachers that they can use and hang up in the dojo.


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