Matsuru instructieplaat Goshin Jutsu


Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata (forms of self-defense art)...

was developed in 1956 by Kodokan in Japan.
The Kodokan established Goshin-Jutsu as a self-defense method, but it is not referred to as Kata.
Goshin-Jitsu is much less formal than Kime-no-Kata, for example, because the techniques are much more crystallized.

Because Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata is not officially recognized as Kata by the Kodokan, this has given rise to many individual interpretations of the techniques and alternating positions of Tori and Uke.

The Matsuru poster Kodokan Goshin Jitsu no Kata is ideal for judokas who want to improve their skills.
But it is also an excellent didactic tool for teachers that they can use and hang up in the dojo.


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